Let’s Do This Again Sometime – Putting The World Cup of Hockey on a Regular Schedule



Following a 3-1 victory by Team Canada over Team Europe Tuesday night, we could have as little as just one game left in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.


And that really is a shame.  The 2016 tournament has been an absolute treat for die-hard hockey fanatics and casual fans alike.  Airing in the states on ESPN, the exposure the tournament has gotten has been great for the growth of the game and its prominence.  In the article linked below, blogger Steve Dangle discusses why the NHL must bring back the world cup, sooner rather than later.  Steve is a self-proclaimed hockey fanatic and I really enjoy his commentary.  This piece is no disappointment.  Steve presents the argument that if the NHL hopes to continue to grow the sport of hockey, especially in the United States, the World Cup must get on a regular schedule.  Prior to this year’s event, the last two were held in 2004 and then 1996.  I agree with this argument, as it doesn’t matter if it is every year, every two years, or every four years, but putting the world cup on a more regular schedule would certainly help the sport as a whole.




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