A Shot at Redemption for #1 Overall Draft Pick Nail Yakupov


In 2012, the Edmonton Oilers drafted Nail Yakupov with the first pick in the NHL Entry Draft.


Over four years later, the two have finally parted ways.  In essence, the deal moves Yakupov to the St. Louis Blues while the Oilers were able to acquire defenseman Kris Russell with the emptied cap space from getting rid of Yakupov’s contract.  This article from TSN looks at both the Blues and the Oilers coming out of this deal.  It shows how Yakupov has a chance to live up to expectations that he didn’t in Edmonton and get a little bit of redemption (which the Blues would certainly be very happy about given their lack of talent at forward) .  It also highlights how the Oilers parted with a toxic player and acquired a defensemen who could excel in their system.  The trade is lower-risk for both parties, has high upside, and looks like a win-win.  Yakupov also has a chance for major redemption following a disappointing time in Edmonton due to extremely high expectations.




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