A New Year in the National Hockey League Brings New Uniforms


Another season in the NHL has brought dozens of new jerseys with it.


In this article from ESPN, a contributor for “the worldwide leader in sports” breaks down all of the new jerseys and logos coming to the league this season.  A trend clearly displayed is many teams commemorating their 50th anniversary in the league, a result of so many current teams who joined as part of the 1967 expansion (Penguins, Blues, Kings, Flyers).  We also got a peak at the logo for the NHL’s 100th anniversary celebration, which will take place during the 2017 calendar year.  Beyond these two major fixtures, we have the typical, year-to-year changes NHL teams make to their jerseys, with small tweaks, memorial logos and commemorative patches slightly altering the design.  A few of my favorites in this regard include the Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers and Los Angeles Kings.  The Kings are especially interesting because they have decided to go with two shoulder patches, making for a complete and balanced look.  To be sure, regardless of how teams perform this year, they will certainly look good out on the ice.






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