The Steve Yzerman Story: How The Former Detroit Red Wing Became An NHL GM

Hockey Hall of Famer Steve Yzerman had an excellent NHL career, posting 692 goals and 1755 points in over 1500 games played for the Detroit Red Wings.
Nowadays, Yzerman is still very much involved in the sport of hockey, but in an extremely different role: as the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  But this is no surprise to those who know Stevie-Y.  In this article from The Hockey News, the later years of Yzerman’s career are reflected upon to show how he took steps to learn the practices of a successful executive, even while still playing in the league.  Studying the likes of longtime Red Wings GM Ken Holland and his assistant Jim Nill, Yzerman gained the tools to transition from player to exec relatively seamlessly, a smooth transition the likes of which is incredibly rare in the NHL.  Now his Tampa Bay Lightning are on the verge of a dynasty, largely due to the efforts of the longtime Red Wing captain and his staff. Perhaps Yzerman has paved the way for more players to think about life after their careers more proactively by gaining experience in the front office while still playing.

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