Gambling Odds Show a New 2016-2017 Stanley Cup Champion

Minnesota Wild v Tampa Bay Lightning

Early season gambling odds from the sports betting site Bovada guessed the Pittsburgh Penguins as the favorites to defend their title and win the Stanley Cup once again this year.  That has already changed.


Last year’s Stanley Cup Winners are currently in the second spot in terms of the favorite to win the cup, tied with the Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks and St.Louis Blue.  The favorites at the moment?  None other than the Tampa Bay Lightning, the team that was knocked out by the Penguins in last year’s Eastern Conference Final.  In the article below from Hooked On Hockey, the magazine breaks down the current Bovada odds and gives their own predictions.  The magazine also predicts alongside the gambling site that the Lightning will be crowned champions this year.  And honestly it is hard not to agree.  Last year, as a very young team, the Lightning were one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals.  With another year of experience, it is no shock that the cup is their’s to lose this season.  I also find it incredibly interesting the attention that is payed to gambling odds, though it makes quite a bit of sense given how large an industry sports betting has become.


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