November 8th Match-up Between Sidney Crosby’s Penguins and Connor McDavid’s Oilers One for the Ages


On Tuesday November 8, the Pittsburgh Penguins take on the Edmonton Oilers in a match-up that features two of the NHL’s brightest stars.


Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby are undoubtably two of the most prominent athletes in the game of hockey today.  In the article linked below from ESPN, we see a variety of the NHL’s great players discuss what it was like when they first played against their idols, including McDavid, who grew up aspiring to one day compete at Crosby’s level.  It is truly a game that these players remember for the rest of their lives.  For the fans, games between superstars of this caliber are always a treat, games that should be enjoyed and remembered.  Games like those between Gretzky and Howe or Messier and Lindros come to mind.  I believe this first game between Crosby and McDavid will one day be looked back as comparable to these other face-offs.  For Crosby, it is time to go up against the prospect in the last ten years who has drawn more comparisons to him than anyone else.  For McDavid, it is time to prove that he can officially play with the best talent the NHL has to offer, a player many consider to be the best on the planet.  It will truly be a treat to watch.


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