Ryan McDonagh Face of New NHL Partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts


Ryan McDonagh is a 27-year-old defenseman for the New York Rangers.  He is coming into the prime of his career, earning an All Star selection last season.


This season is the NHL’s first in a partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonagh, the Rangers’ captain, was tapped as one of the spokespeople for it.  This is the first partnership the coffee shop chain has made with any professional sports the league, becoming the “official U.S. coffee, donut and breakfast sandwich of the NHL.”  As part of this partnership, Dunkin’ will be a part of a handful of NHL events over the course of the season, including the Winter Classic and the Centennial Classic.  Joining McDonagh as spokesperson is David Backers, forward for the Boston Bruins.  This partnership seems like a very smart one for the NHL, as many fans come from northern parts of the United States where Dunkin’ Donuts already has a very strong following.  For McDonagh, this opportunity represents yet another way for the star to solidify himself as one of the most prominent and well-respected players in the NHL.  Check out the article below to read more about Ryan and this new partnership between the NHL and Dunkin’ Donuts.




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